Roel Westra  
Business coach & Sparring partner

75% of success comes from the energy and innovative power of people.

The world and society are changing. Existing structures no longer suffice. Technology is evolving fast and there is too much unused human potential. It is time to let people add more value to the company. Achieving goals together. Using your talent and combine them with others. Pursuing higher goals based on ambition and thereby gaining more individual recognition and appreciation. As a result, people, companies, and society grow sustainable. Let's improve performance using our human capital. 

A fresh look at (trusted) challenges

100% Roel

Who: Roel Westra

Lives: in Munich

Core values: originality, optimism, agility and mobility.

Characteristics: down-to-earth (Dutch origin), enthusiastic, visionary, decisive and energetic.

It is my mission to put professionals on a more successful track. Improving performance by working smarter and using talent. Working with more pleasure and more return. I connect my knowledge and experience to the (new) needs and wishes of companies and employees. With a focus on ambition instead of position.

For 13 years I have been working as a motivator, coach, project manager, and consultant. Working for companies, government, and social business projects.

I think in terms of possibilities, show vision, and fuel action. I build relationships and forge cooperation. My enthusiasm can be contagious. I aim for results. I easily translate a concept into practice and map out the corresponding route.