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Business Developer Germany & Switzerland

Business Developer Germany & Switzerland

Description Future potential, skills and talents assessed today Measure & recognize future fit. Both for current and new staff. Evaluate potential: data-driven and objective. Say bye to cv or IQ. Brain-based assessment games platform 100% remote, bias-free & neuroscience-based. Offering this perfect solution also on the German and Swiss market. Offering the solution of finding the right personell in time of war on talent.

Goals Bringing Brainbased Assessments, the Neurolympics further in Switzerland and Germany. Building relations, connecting to customers. Developing market and revenue.

Customer I am Selected Business Partner for Brainsfirst.

Timeframe 2021 - today

Program Manager Germany

Program Manager Germany

Description Building the digital community and platform of NLinBusiness for Germany. Connecting what is already there to the NLinBusiness Platform

Goals Connecting active parties in the Dutch-German network. Generating content for the platform. Hooking up Service-Providers who help out Dutch companies coming to Germany. Developing a sustainable businesscase for the Germany-platform of NLinBusiness

Customer NLinBusiness

Timeframe 2021-2022

NL Business Hub Munich

NL Business Hub Munich

Description Building the NL Business Hub. Connecting the local business community. Making sure Dutch companies have a soft landing in Southern Germany to expand there business. Connecting entrepreneurs and service-providers sharing knowledge. Building PR-relationship in the Netherlands to increase the number of companies coming to München.

Goals Shaping the business network in München with experts who want to help Dutch entrpreneurs. Networking calls with dutch entrepreneurs about doing business in Germany. Hosting webinars about doing business in Germany. Building a businesscase.

Customer Deutsch Niederländisches Geschäftsforum & NLinBusiness

Timeframe 2019-2022

Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship

Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship

Beschreibung Strengthen local economy, increase of starting and growth of existing entrepreneurs. Smart collaboration between government, entrepreneur societies and educational institutions.

Goals Initiating yearly 10 new distinctive projects for stimulating entrepreneurship. Develop and establish strategy 2018-2022. Leading change of the foundation to a network organisation. Managing a team of 8-17 independent professionals.

Customer Foundation for Entrepreneurship Deventer (NL)

Timeframe 2015-2018

Founder Co-working Office

Founder Co-working Office

Description Flexible workplace Jordenshuis. New way to work. A place to work, connect and collaborate. Flexible workplace. Strengthen collaboration of independent professional with focus on people and work (coaching, occupational health, HR management, smart working, talent management).

Goals Building up the location, to meet and work. Stimulating collaboration between professionals and free-lancers.

Customer Privately Owned

Titel 2010-2014

Owner HR-Consultancy Firm Menskracht

Owner HR-Consultancy Firm Menskracht

Description Consulting Business - coaching and training in HR management, talent management, performance management and occupational health. Consultancy based on the principles of smart working concepts. (12FTE)

Goals Using my vision and strategy to build up my company. Leading by example, with trust freedom and results. Implementing new concepts at customers. Being our own working Lab.

Customer Privately owned.

Timeframe 2004-2010