Business Development


Empowering Productivity

Roel Westra - Business Developer

Empowering productivity, that is my mission.

Developing business with focus on HR, leadership, talent insights and assessments. Putting people first is key-factor to succes and improving performance.

Solving challenges regarding:

  • War on Talent: finding the right talents to grow your business
  • New ways to work: improving leadership in a fast changing virtual world.
  • International teams: Increasing teamwork with talent insights connected to communication styles

Having 15 years of experience on this theme, with international teams and working project-based for SME's and scale-ups. I connect my knowledge and experience to the (new) needs and wishes of companies and employees. I easily translate a concept into practice and map out the corresponding route. Focussing on ambition instead of position always linked to innovation. I build relationships and forge cooperation. My enthusiasm can be contagious.