Roel Westra  
Business coach & Sparring partner

Services and Partnership

I work as a free-lancer for professionals, entrepreneurs and companies who need my help. Improving leadership is the central focus in my work. Personal leadership: Improving your personal development and growth as entrepreneur or professional career. Team leadership: Optimizing performance management by using talents and communication. Building leadership based upon trust and accountability.


Roel as Sparringpartner

Roel as Career coach

Roel as Projectmanager

Several times a year a refreshing talk about your personal development, entrepreneurship and/or your business development. Optimizing your business-setup and performance.

Expect different views and ways to approach certain topics. Inspiring, creative and bringing to action. Regularly in new inspiring settings, fitting your specific situation.   


Improving your career and employability by using your talents. Increase your performance and flow, working healthy with long term perspective. Personal development and growth.

 I bring you on a more successful track. Always in small concrete steps with a focus on maximizing personal performance. Using your talents, because there is your flow.

Change in your organization depends on the acceptance and support of your vision and approach. Increasing performance with trust, accountability and a more bottom-up approach. 

I easily make a working concept based upon your businesschallenge. Training and coaching leaders, making HR-change work. Improving your business performance with better leadership.


Next to my work as freelancer, I collaborate in two partnerships. Trusted companies with whom I like to collaborate in professional challenges for customers

Germany: 45Plus Consult

As co-founder and consultant, I support 45+ professionals in their employability, in managing their talents and building the community of experienced 45+ professionalsBusiness unit of the German strategic HR consultancy firm Stoop Consultants.

Netherlands: Questionmarks

A Dutch independent consultancy agency. Questionmarks helps to change your business case to value case. With a focus on social innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship of professionals. Developing a business to a vital organization. As a consultant, I collaborate in helping the development of vision and translate that to the roadmap. Training and coaching leaders in business.